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Lady Lions Championship Rings and Synergy

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Lady Lions Championship Rings and Synergy


Synergy Game Film System

 During last year's National Tournament competition, it took coach Dale Neal 8 hours to review film and prepare his team for their next game. This year, thanks to the Synergy System, that prep time was cut to 3 hours! Synergy is a game film preparation system that helps Coach Dale Neal and the Lady Lions players more effectively and efficiently prepare for their basketball games. 

The system allows the Lady Lions coaches and players to quickly assess and compare video clips of every play and every player that took place during any basketball game. This allows individual players, and the team as a whole, to identify weak areas in themselves and their opponents, and identify ways to improve.

Here are what some of the Lady Lions players have to say about the Synergy system:

·         It is a great system that allows us to quickly and efficiently prepare for our games! 

·         We can not only prepare for opponents better but also improve our own skills by evaluating our strengths and weaknesses 

·         I think it is very helpful to have an in-depth knowledge of what the opponents do before we play them 

·         It helps me see what other people do and it helps me evaluate my own game

The Synergy Game Film System is a subscription service that requires an annual subscription. The cost for a 1 year subscription for the Synergy Platform is $2,500. Would you help to make this system available to the Lady Lions coaches and players for the 2018-2019 season?

Championship Rings

Championship rings are a tangible reminder of a special event and every ring tells a story. This year, the FHU championship rings tell the story of a special group of young women who, after 22 straight National Tournament appearances, were able to bring home Freed-Hardeman’s first National Championship!

As a way to commemorate the hard work and dedication of these young woman, Coach Neal is asking for your help in raising the money to provide each player with a Freed-Hardeman National Championship ring.

The cost for each ring is $360 and the total cost of providing rings for each of the 20 members of the Lady Lions basketball team is $7,200

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1 Championship Ring

Cover the cost of 1 championship ring for an FHU Lady Lion


2 Championship Rings

Cover the cost of 2 championship rings for 2 FHU Lady Lions players


3 Championship Rings

Cover the cost of 3 championship rings for 3 FHU Lady Lions players


4 Championship Rings

Cover the cost of 4 championship rings for 4 FHU Lady Lions players