FHU Veteran's Endowment Scholarship

FHU Veteran's Endowment Scholarship

There is an exciting opportunity to help establish a Veteran’s Endowed Scholarship at Freed-Hardeman. Thanks to a generous individual, $15,000 of the $30,000 needed to establish the scholarship has already been committed. Once this scholarship reaches the full $30,000, it will begin to annually award a scholarship to a Veteran student attending FHU.

Why support the Veterans Endowment Scholarship?

The educational benefits offered to Service Members and Veterans are generous; but in order to receive 100% of the benefit level, there are many “qualifiers” the Veteran must meet. A level with many Veterans never achieve. This leaves a financial gap that many Veterans cannot cover in order to afford their education. Additionally, many of these benefits are restricted regarding what they can be applied to, leaving many Veterans with significant costs left to cover beyond simply the cost of tuition.  

Another factor that impacts this particular demographic of student is since they put their educational goals on hold to serve our Country, they are older than your typical students, with most being married and nearly 50% having children. These factors tend to add additional finical obligations that many traditional aged 18-19-year-old students do not face.  

We are calling on you to help fill the gap for those who have served our country and their families so that they can seek an education where the spiritual enrichment rises above that of even the educational excellence.